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Type: Fashion

Scope: Projektowanie Ux, Wdrożenie,

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The scope of work included the migration of the existing version of the e-commerce store from Magento and the implementation of the store on the PrestaShop 1.7 platform. Data such as customers, orders, and products were subjected to migration.


The implementation of an online store on a new platform is also an excellent opportunity to refresh the graphic design. The graphic design of this project is light, elegant, and reflects the character of Łukasz Jemioł's designs.


The result of the work is a modern, optimized, user-friendly, and easy-to-use online store. It is worth noting that it also aligns with the vision and aesthetics of the designer himself.

About the project

Re-design and migration from Magento to PrestaShop 1.7

The goals of the migration from Magento to PrestaShop and the redesign of the online store were to improve its usability and functionality and to better showcase the product. The product is of great importance in the fashion industry, so it was important for the online store to have clear, highly-detailed photos that could be zoomed in multiple times. In addition, on the product page, there are also videos in the image gallery that show the product in motion - this allows users to get an even more detailed understanding of the product.

Significant attention was also given to the issue of showcasing products on the homepage and on image subpages.

As part of the scope of work, the entire database of products, customers, and orders was transferred from Magento to the new PrestaShop platform. This saved the client from having to do this manually and allowed them to focus on developing their business.

The photo comes from the current campaign of the Łukasz Jemioł online store.

User needs

When we started our cooperation, we started as in every new project - from the analysis of the environment. Thanks to this, we got to know the client's expectations and understood his needs. Based on this data, our department of UX specialists designed an online store that is clear, functional and, most importantly, intuitive for the user. The result of the work of the UX department were mock-ups, on the basis of which the graphic designers created the final look of the e-shop. Thanks to extensive experience in the fashion industry and the knowledge of our team, a light and modern online store was created that aesthetically corresponds to the visual identity of the designer. In addition to the appearance of the store itself, individual transactional messages sent from the PrestaShop system were also designed. It is also important to note that for the needs of users, the store operates in 2 languages ​​and 4 currencies.

Product card in an e-shop

The product card is one of the most important elements of the store. Often, the user "buys with their eyes," especially in the fashion or jewelry industry, so the product must be well presented and contain the most important information. This is also the case in this implementation. Thanks to PrestaShop's capabilities, users can change the size and color of clothing on the product card (select a different variant without having to go to another page). In addition, below the selected product, the customer will see other suggestions from the same set (cross-selling) as well as alternative products. These actions increase the average shopping cart value (AOV) and can provide a great source of inspiration for new customers.

It is worth noting that PrestaShop has several standard cross-selling modules, but we can modify them to meet the needs of our clients.

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