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Ania Kruk is a brand that places great emphasis on following trends - both in terms of the products they offer and their visual identity. The work on the brand image is ongoing, and we have the pleasure of taking care of it from the graphic design side of the online store


Ania Kruk is another one of our clients who has decided to migrate their e-commerce store from Magento to the PrestaShop platform. The migration included the transfer of the entire product database, customer data, and orders. The support of the online store that the client is using allows for the maintenance of the store and actions that continuously develop sales.


Actions are constantly being taken with the brand to increase the conversion rate in the online store and the average order value. UX audit, traffic and click analysis, and proposals for new solutions are just a part of these actions. An important aspect is also the optimization of purchases on mobile devices.

About project

The new version of the online store of a well-known jewelry brand

The surname Kruk carries in Poland an unambiguous association - jewelry. Nearly 200 years of jewelry tradition currently cultivated by the 5th generation of the family has found its new, online expression. It is a modern online store that we had the honor to create. Yes - an honor. There is no other way to describe a project carried out for a company that approaches its business so professionally, without losing its passion and values nurtured for years.

Ania Kruk is a large, recognizable and dynamically developing company. The decision to make changes in the field of eCommerce, which is an important sales channel for the brand, is always courageous in such a case, but it can bring long-term and multi-level benefits to the business.

The actions of UX - research, testing, user interviews, and analysis

From the very beginning of the cooperation, Ania Kruk's employees and management approached the project with full professionalism and maximum commitment. The online store was to be a part of a comprehensive strategic plan, prepared based on the new brand book of the brand, and precisely meet the set goals while fulfilling the needs of end customers and ensuring the highest possible usability and eCommerce effectiveness. On the one hand, we had to follow the established paths, and on the other hand, we had to prepare original maps and store mockups that would meet all of the client's expectations. The only way to accomplish this task was to use UX expertise and knowledge, as well as conduct extensive research and testing on store mockups and graphics.

Human first! eCommerce with a human touch

When working on Ania Kruk's online store, we wanted its character to match the stationary salons. eCommerce had to be modern, classic, transparent, and customer-friendly. We achieved this effect thanks to multi-level UX tests of mockups and individual screens, as well as several-hour workshops with the client. In addition, we conducted tests using the questionnaire interview method with customers of stationary stores and boutique staff. UX testing also included A/B tests of individual store mockups and 5-second tests conducted on graphic designs. We are also continuing to work on developing the online store.

Redesign and migration from Magento to PrestaShop

The goals of the eCommerce redesign and migration project from Magento to PrestaShop were to adapt the platform to the company's new identity, improve the usability and functionality of the online store, and optimize the cost of running this complex and logistically demanding project. The decision to collaborate with WAYNET as the developer of the new online store was a wise one, as we understood the seriousness of the project from the start and worked together towards the ultimate success of the eCommerce platform. The result is a beautiful, functional, and effective online store built on the PrestaShop platform.

All of the online store screens were individually designed in accordance with the brand, product, and customer characteristics. Our PrestaShop developers effectively converted the designs and mockups into code. As the previous Ania Kruk online store operated on Magento, we had to migrate data and information between platforms. The Ania Kruk online store on the PrestaShop platform is another successful project for a recognizable and demanding brand in a competitive industry. Fortunately, for experienced and skilled PrestaShop developers, this platform offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Home page, product card, search engine

The homepage is equipped with a large slider, recommended products divided into categories, and aesthetic links to selected parts of the store (e.g. seasonal promotions, bestsellers or new products). All of these elements are easily editable from the store's administrative panel. Ani Kruk eCommerce also has an intuitive product search engine. Search results can be filtered, allowing customers to quickly and precisely find the product they are interested in. The eCommerce product card has two interesting features worth mentioning. These are the ability to add engraving with any text in one of the specified fonts and the ability to check the availability of the product in selected brick-and-mortar stores. Additional options include the ability to add decorative packaging to the order or purchase sets at promotional prices. These are just a few of the solutions aimed at increasing the average order value.

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