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How to convince a customer to try a new brand in the fashion industry and build their trust? How to reach the user and prove to them that the product is of excellent quality, unique, and timeless? How to achieve this in an online store? How does the competition handle this, and how can the brand be better than them? We had to answer these and many other questions in a way that will easily reach the target customer.


To meet the challenge, we started from scratch, which means gathering the most important information about the company and the values it follows. This way, we determined how we wanted HakaShoes to be perceived on the Internet and what impression it should make on users. The direction was chosen, in which the brand was mainly associated with elegance and high quality. The product was to speak for itself.


The result of our work was the creation of a project that would be rich in content that inspires trust (without neglecting the UX and sales aspects of the e-commerce site). Trust-inspiring messages, content supplemented by iconography, an easy purchasing path. The whole thing is complemented by high-quality photos and detailed product descriptions, which are other measures designed to work in favor of the new brand.

About project

Launch of the HakaShoes project

As the brand itself writes: "HAKA Shoes was created out of respect for tradition, local craftsmanship and passion for shoes. We create our shoes in the heart of the shoemaking craft - in workshops run by masters of their craft for generations." Our goal was to create an online store for a newly established brand in the fashion industry. Starting from scratch, we designed mockups, graphic design, communication style, content architecture, and the e-commerce platform itself. The lack of a need for migration from a previous platform allowed for more freedom, including creating product descriptions. During the first business workshops, we roughly established the direction we wanted to go in, learned the client's goals and their biggest objections. As work on the platform progressed, the direction of our actions became increasingly clear, so that in the end, the project was exactly what the client expected. We don't need to say that we're proud of another successful project, do we? Of course, we used the PrestaShop platform, version 1.7.

In service of the user!

We started our work with the standard process of analyzing the competition and benchmarks. Creating a project from scratch brings some challenges. Typically, we gather data that allows us to understand user behavior, their needs, and concerns. We usually use tracking tools like HotJar and then analyze visit recordings or heat maps. We also know how users have made purchases online and what they pay attention to. In this project, we had to rely mainly on benchmarks, competition, good UX practices, and translate them into the needs of our client and their product. Luckily, working with an informed client does not limit our agency's actions. Right after launching the online store and getting the appropriate traffic on the site, we can use tools that allow us to collect data. Their analysis and properly prepared reports are excellent materials for continuous work on optimizing the e-commerce platform. We don't want to make predictions or say that "we know best." Continuous work on the platform, introducing new functionalities, mobile optimization, and support are just a few of the actions that will allow us to not fall behind the competition.

Product cart in online shop

How to encourage a user to make an informed purchasing decision? The best way is to present them with all the benefits that the product brings. Additionally, if we are dealing with a higher-end product that is slightly more expensive than standard, it is crucial to explain what justifies the price. The product card is a kind of combination of product instructions with a physical store employee. The information contained there should be comprehensive and helpful, just like a helpful salesperson in a physical store. So, what should we focus on in a product card in an online store? Of course, on photos - the ability to view the product from different angles (popular now is 360 degrees), from different perspectives. Furthermore, especially important in the fashion industry, are staged photos. This is another plus for someone who does not know what they are looking for or cannot imagine the product "in use." What else can be helpful? No need to search through the online store's offer to find other color versions of the product. Instead, easy access to color variants from the main product card level. Switching between color variants is a significant time saver for the user. We also cannot forget about temporarily unavailable products. Notification of product availability is a solution that allows contact with the interested user, even if the product they need is currently not available. Providing an email and then sending a system message when the product is available again is a type of communication that benefits both parties. The user does not have to constantly check if the product has returned to stock, and the store can maintain contact with the interested party. All of this happens automatically, without any additional effort from the online store's staff. Content in the online store should be presented in a clear and easy-to-consume manner. Long blocks of text may not be appealing. When creating content for the internet, it is worth remembering about bullet points, lists, and iconography. The most important content should be presented in a light way - that was also the goal of our project. These are just a few of the solutions that can make it easier for a user to familiarize themselves with a product and make a purchasing decision, but it is worth having them in your online store.

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